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Emergency Awareness

Winter Preparedness

Preparation for Winter Weather | Winter Power Outage Survival | Family Emergency Kit

Vehicle Survival Kit

Winter weather can kill an unprepared person who is exposed to the elements within minutes. If your vehicle becomes stranded in the snow in the country… stay in your vehicle. Be aware of the weather before you travel. Simple planning can save you trouble and even save your life. Prepare your vehicle winter check fluids, regular oil changes and keep your gas tank at least one-half full.

  • Survival Kit for Vehicles:
  • Use an empty three-pound coffee can or any similar container with a plastic cover to store the following items. This can be used to melt snow for drinking water if needed.
  • Small candles and matches
  • Small, sharp knife and plastic spoons
  • Red bandanna or cloth
  • Pencil and paper
  • Large plastic garbage bags and Safety pins ( can be used to insulate feet)
  • Whistle
  • Snacks
  • Cell phone adapter to plug in to lighter
  • Plastic flashlight and spare batteries. (reverse batteries to avoid accidental switching and burnout) Warm batteries before using.
  • Suggested food Items:
  • Raisins in small packets
  • Semi-sweet chocolate in pieces for sharing
  • Miniature candy bars
  • Wrapped hard candies
  • Food bars
  • Canned soup, meat and poultry. ( Get cans with pull tab to open with out can opener)
  • Bulky and heavy Items
  • Booster cables
  • Basic Tools
  • Sand, cat litter or other grit in a plastic milk carton
  • Shovel
  • Tow cables or chain
  • Sleeping bag or blankets
  • Road Flares and reflectors
  • Heavy snow boots

Emergency Phone Calls

In any part of Minnesota you can call 911 from your cell to summon help. When you talk to authorities:

  • Provide information on your location, condition of any people in the vehicle and the problems your having
  • Follow instructions you are told stay where you are and wait for rescuers
  • Don’t hang up until you know who you have spoken to and what will happen next
  • If you must leave your vehicle leave your name, phone number on a piece of paper inside the front windshield for someone to see.