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Emergency Awareness

Emergency Preparedness Planning Forms

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Preparedness in Your Pocket

Emergency Preparedness for Families and General Information:

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Checklists and forms to help you create an emergency plan.

Steps to Becoming Prepared
Seven steps to identify and gather the supplies for a kit tailored to your specific situation.

Emergency Contact Card
Print out this card to carry your emergency contact information with you at all times.

Family Emergency Communications Plan
Phone numbers and other contact information for all family members as well as friends, neighbors and relatives.

A Day in My Life
Form to help you identify the supplies you use on a regular basis and might need during an emergency.

Go Kit Car Emergency Kit
Checklist to create a kit you can take with you if you have to evacuate your home, or a kit to keep in your car at all times.

Emergency Supplies Inventory Tracking
Items, quantities, expiration date, and notes.

Master Emergency Suggested Supplies List
Suggested list of items of various types you might need during an emergency.

Master Emergency Blank Supplies List
Blank checklist to let you fill in the lists of items you might need during an emergency.

What is This Stuff
Descriptions of some of the specialized items that are useful in an emergency.

My Phone List for Kids
For kids, usually the quickest, easiest emergency plan is just knowing who to call when there is a problem. This handy phone list from HSEM helps kids and parents remember important basic contact information.

Printer Friendly Preparing Makes Sense Fact Sheet
Preparing Makes Sense. Get Ready Now. - Can be printed as a single page, two-sided document.

Emergency Preparedness for Elders and Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs:

Printer Friendly Disabilities and Special Needs Fact Sheet
One Page, Two-sided Document for Americans with Disabilities and Special Needs - Preparing Makes Sense for People with Disabilities and Special Needs. Get Ready Now.

Printer Friendly Older Americans Fact Sheet
Printer Friendly, Preparing Makes Sense for Older Americans - 2-sided Fact Sheet with Preparedness information for Seniors.

Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners:

Printer Friendly Pet Owners Fact Sheet
Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense. Get Ready Now. - Can be printed as a single page, two-sided document for Pet Owners.

Printer Friendly Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist
Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist – Red Cross